Hello world!

Welcome to dizplace. I am a committed crafter selling my wares at dizplace.etsy.com, who a few years ago had a business making silk floral bouquets for weddings in Wisconsin.  This website has hundreds and thousands of wonderful shopping for us folks who like a product made by hand, not machine. I remarried and now live on the East coast where tourists are rampant!  They don’t come here to get married but to run away from there stress filled worlds!  I miss my business, but alas, have had to trade it in for a great new finger sport-rug weaving.  My husband built my loom and my rugs are entirely made from fabric.   I am experimenting with string for the warp, but the rugs are thinner though easier to clean.  I also crochet, sew, knit and love to make handbags for all of us females who constantly trade in the old for some new dashing “kitchen sink” holder.  Alas!  Shoes and purses; we never have enough.  Etsy.com has many crafters who make really nice handbags, purses, totes etc.  Shop from home at etsy.

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